COMOclube in TERREMOTO by Amilcar Packer Fake Ritual COMO CLUBE GOES TO THE HOLE LOW COUTURE, historical outfits ball desbundando avec Suely
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COMOclube in TERREMOTO by Amilcar Packer

Read full article at: Amilcar Packer tells the story of Como_clube in Sao Paulo, a mutant platform for artistic creation and an environment of undisciplined living which favors free movement between genres, generations, political and socioeconomic situations, fostering performance-related productions.  


Fake Ritual

Fake Ritual The potential of fantasy is fuel for trans_choreography “Fake Ritual”, which suggests a syncretic and pluralistic relationship and temporary identifications beyond the true-false dichotomy. The Fake Ritual is an invention that combines spaces and times, auras (definition of Walter Benjamin remains the sole existence of a work of art) with doses and durations […]



We would like to invite you to our FINAL exhibition on 24th and 25th from 3:00pm until 9:30 pm. We will present our production related to the last 3 years as well the exchange TRANSVERSAL_ TRomso:Sao Paulo. Biography: The club’s embryo was artificially fertilized through the platform DESABA and was born without bothering to define […]


LOW COUTURE, historical outfits ball

COMO clube + AD Ferrera + Gustavo Silvestre present LOW COUTURE, historical outfits ball On February 15, 2014 at COMO Clube All guests are invited to produce their own improvised last minute costumes with reference to an unforgettable outfit that marked an epoch. The Ball LOW COUTURE integrates BARRACÃO program, a number of shared Carnival […]

desbundando com suely-low

desbundando avec Suely

This Saturday, Dec 14, 2013 18h A talk with Suely Rolnik about desbunde and other things… We’re finishing activities on 2013 at COMO clube This year was marked by several collaborations making possible the practice and study for an artistic emancipation program to this artist living environment. We invite you who is been part of it […]



next TUESDAY, December 10, 2013  6 p.m. – COMO-clube open doors 7 p.m. – Manifesto Frágil by Estela Lapponi 8 p.m. – “Pinto sua Parede” by Teresa Moura 9 p.m. – performance by Júlia Rocha program ↑FRAGILE↓ from nov 19 to dec 10 Tuesday , nov 19: 6p.m. – COMO clube opens doors 8p.m. – Dinner […]


study for tableau – Jardim Equatorial

entravecando flyer-sp

drag yourself: workshop with Dalvinha Brandão

workshop canceled due to insufficient number of participants workshop shows some tips of drag queen and transformism Dalvinha Brandão is the alter ego of actor and theater director Gustavo Bittencourt from Curitiba , which coordinates three-day workshop ( 29th, 30th November and 1st December ) at COMO clube in Sao Paulo . In the program […]


Apparitions & Documentation Cycle

evento on facebook: 12/11 – Tuesday –  8p.m. Light and Shadow of Documents Opening talk with Thiago Costa Reading the letter of descovery for a talk on documentation with Amilcar Packer 13/11 – Wednesday – 8p.m. For a Geopolitics of Images A session with documentary Shoot Yourself (2011) – by Paula Alzugaray and Ricardo Van Steen, […]

flyer contato imediado-maryah-como mostra


  photos by gustavo saulle



28 to 30 october, from 14h to 18h: open studio at COMO clube 02 november, 18h: presentation / exhibition / performance: – project 6x3x3 disco with: – dj AD Ferrera: event on Facebook: _____________________________________________________________________ 6x3x3 is a performance as it is a project of theory. In the three metropoles Buenos Aires, São Paulo and […]



This saturday, children’s day! bring your queer universe, and child porno-shameless from 15:00 :: performative reading exercises Beatriz Preciado – Testo Yonki FUCK TALES – Beatrice Morelli proposed  a performative reading study for BUFÓLICAS from HILDA HILST (Sad Dwarf, Gay Little king and Filó, Lesbian Fary) + Thrift store, food and drinks free entrance and we accept donations and/or other […]

ind pop cut paste at como clube outubro2013-en-lower

popular costume_cut & paste

photos by Gustavo Saulle  next friday, outuber 4  at COMO clube indumentária popular_cut & paste by mavi veloso with Caio, Gabi Vanzetta 15h – COMO estudo: drawing study / modeling at Republic Square-SP 21h – COMO mostra: performance POPULAR COSTUME + i-eat and drinks  free  entry and we are accepting donnations like: non-perishable food detergent washing […]

fashion in erection-ComoSairDoArmario_ComoClub_01

fashion in erection – HOW TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET

to be continued… e continua… next saturday more FASHION IN ERECTION  event on facebook design: estúdio branco (ad ferrera)


dance classes

by Alyson Amaral photo:sammi landweer Developing an environment for exchange and experimentation. This work is to be a collaboration, where everyone participates in creative process investigating how body movement acts in one’s mood, thoughts and ways of being in space. This proposal comes from “Awareness of Movement”, method created by Angel Vianna which seeks to […]

skyline como

COMO no COMO with Gabriel Lester

> COMO no COMO > Winter 2013 > Gabriel Lester Y – Where? W – At COMO clube Y – When? W – Saturday, August 31. Y – What time? W – from 20 to 2 hs. Y – And the address? W – Praça da República No. 80, ap. 905. In front of Republic […]